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<For customers living outside Japan>




<For customers living outside Japan> Thank you for looking this page ! ・Free shipping from France 💓 ・ Shipping from Japan to overseas country is marked the shipping price when you complete your payment. ・Please use a translation app when reading the description🙏 My english level is very poor. ・Any reservation is IMPOSSIBLE 🙏 ・Please write your address in your language in the comment section(備考欄) when you checkout, or email it to me after you have completed your order. ・Antiques, especially 18th century faience, are not suitable for practical use. Ideally, they are purchased by someone who will treasure them as part of a collection. ・Please take good care of antique items. Do not treat it like modern ceramics. Avoid using the dishwasher or microwave, and do not soak it in water long time. They are often sensitive to temperature differences. Don't put hot things on a cold dish.etc ・Depending on the country, customs duties may apply even to antiques. Please inquire at your country's customs office regarding customs duties. Regarding the issue of overseas customers being unable to register as members (and therefore unable to place additional orders from the same address). <An example is in the second photo> Please check JAPAN in the region column and enter a Japanese address. (Any address is OK you can fill "test" and "0000000000" However, please be sure to enter the correct address in the comments field (備考欄) or let us know by email after completing your purchase. If you do not provide a correct address and do not respond to our contact, your order will be cancelled. You can test with this page if you want. Best regards Owner ideco🤗